Sony PlayStation CEO Talks About First-Party Video Games On PlayStation Now

This generation we’re seeing a slight trend in video game releases. While typically over the past few generations, we’ve seen the standard physical and digital launches. However, there are a new means to enjoy video game titles and that’s streaming or paying subscription-style services. One of the services that took off is PlayStation Now, which was essentially Sony’s answer to backward compatibility on the PlayStation 4. Now the service has expanded and it’s even bringing out first-party PlayStation 4 video game titles.

PlayStation Now is a subscription service that allows consumers to pay a monthly fee to stream a catalog of video game titles that range from the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 4. It’s quite the subscription fee as well with a yearly fee just being $60 and it gives players the ability to enjoy the streamed titles on both the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

What we’ve seen most recently was the inclusion of PlayStation 4 video game titles. Only a handful was featured in the service and it left some wondering just what video game titles are next. Well, it looks like it may be a good while before new ones show up and the previously included titles are removed from the service. It was stated by the PlayStation CEO that we’re not going to see too many games released at any given time.

“But our stance on the inclusion of first party games in PlayStation Now in terms of what we’ve done this month is very different to our stance 12 months ago. I don’t want to say this is what PlayStation Now is going to be like forever. But certainly right now, given how some of our first party IP is incredibly special and valuable, we just want to treat them with amazing care and respect, and have those launches be clean and pure.”

Jim Ryan spoke on the PlayStation Now first-party titles recently during an interview with According to the PlayStation CEO, the mindset behind the video games is that Sony wants to treat these launches as special events. It would make sense as these titles are Sony exclusives and continue to be purchased for newcomers.