MediEvil Accolades Trailer Boasts the Remake’s Greatest Achievements

Sony has released a new accolades trailer for their recently released remake title, MediEvil.

The new accolades trailer showcases some of the best remarks made about the remake title. The game is a huge achievement as it truly looks like a native PS4 title, and remember this is a PS1 title. The game has players dawning the role as Sir Dan as evil returns, its up to use to stop it.

Check out the epic accolades trailer for MediEvil remake down below:

 If you’re a fan of the original from the PS1, you will be very happy to hear that a lot of the reviewers are liking the new remake!

The game remains true to the original and it comes right in time for the Halloween season. However, some reviewers state the clunky camera and dated gameplay mechanics hold the game back from being perfect. Developers Other Ocean Emeryville did a pretty good job with this remake, and will no doubt leave fans craving more! If you want to check it the full review roundup on Sony’s latest remake title, MediEvil, click here!

MediEvil Remake is now available to pick up exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Did you pick up the most recent Sony remake title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube