Another Hitman Game Is Already In Development

Hitman is a beloved video game franchise and most recently it received a reboot. Since then there was a sequel released into the market which has been receiving updates and support from IO Interactive. We’ve received a November update charting out what’s to come this month for the video game title. However, it looks like the support will dwindle and we may not see new missions coming out for the game soon. 

The reason behind the small drop of support is due to IO Interactive is moving more staff away from Hitman 2 and instead of placing them on the next Hitman video game title. It seems that this new Hitman title has been in development for a good while now according to the blog post by IO Interactive, but it doesn’t state just what to expect with this new installment. Essentially, this is just a confirmation that fans will be receiving a new Hitman installment down the road.

With both Microsoft and Sony moving towards the upcoming launch of next-generation platforms, it likely we’re going to see the next Hitman video game title come out for the likes of Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5, but that’s purely speculative on our part. Either way, knowing that IO Interactive is not being pulled off from Hitman to focus on a new franchise. 

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Source: IO Interactive