Epic ‘Dreams’ Montage Showcases 2 Seconds of Gameplay from 300 Creations

Media Molecule’s latest title, Dreams, have been bringing gamers a ton of tools to create some of the craziest creations with a good set of development features!

What can you create in Dreams you ask? Well, basically anything! If you can think it, you can create it. With the correct patience, and mind, a gamer can create some epic games and thanks to a new montage brought to us by YouTube account jiar300, viewers can get a good look at some of the most epic creations from Dreams!

This video is the second montage in the series, where the jiar300 takes two seconds of gameplay from 300 different Dream creations and showcases them in action; and let me tell you right now, you’re in for a treat! Viewers get to see creations such as the Halloween movie in action, the now iconic Joker stair sequence, and much more!

Check out the epic Dreams montage that will having you entertained for 10 minutes straight! down below:

This game has been giving viewers like me, who can’t manage creating games like the ones above, a ton of great creations. One of the best creations for Dreams is a full recreation of Metal Gear Solid 1’s opening level!

A lot of hard worked and mechanics went into the recreating the opening level for MGS 1, so it is interesting to listen and learn how he did it in the recently released in-depth video showcasing the ins and outs of creating such a masterpiece. If you want to learn more about the epic game recreation, click here!

Dreams is now available for the PS4. Are you planning on creating anything crazy in the game of wild imaginations? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube