The Outer Worlds Completed In Twenty Minutes

When any video game hits the market that has an official ending, you can likely expect a speedrunner to take on the challenge in completing it. If you’re not familiar with the term, a speedrun is an attempt at completing a video game at the fastest time possible. There are even leaderboards and big events where viewers gather in hopes to see a new speedrun beat the record. Depending on the game, you may find that some speedruns are just minutes long and as time goes on, more glitches and tricks are discovered to further cut the time it takes to complete game.

One of the latest anticipated video games to release this year launched this past week. We’re referring to Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds. This is an epic RPG journey where players are exploring various colonies across the universe while completing an assortment of jobs that will aid a certain individual or group. Normally, players will spend countless hours exploring and completing side quests before jumping into the main campaign. However, one speedrunner was able to complete the game in just over twenty minutes.

The speedrunner that goes by the name of Jabo has recorded a run that clocks in at 21:39, a new best from his previous score of 24:21. So far, players are finding specific skills right from the start will help out when going through the game, but again, more tips and tricks are bound to be discovered. You can check out the full record playthrough from Jabo in the video above. However, if you’re a bit more interested in playing The Outer Worlds for yourself, you can watch our Before You Buy episode upload below.

Source: YouTube, Gamerant