Google Announces First Exclusive Studio for the Stadia Platform, Developers Based in Montréal

Google announced this morning in a blog post that they have opened up their first exclusive studio for their upcoming gaming platform Google Stadia.

Google Stadia will be the latest platform to enter the gaming industry and with the official release date for the platform rapidly approaching, it seems Google is putting all their chips on the table.

Officially named Entertainment studio, the developers will begin to work on original content across fan-favorite genres for Google Stadia. If you’re worrying Google Stadia won’t have anything exclusive, I would rest easy for now as the first exclusive studio is already opened and the platform isn’t even live yet.

Check out the announcement via Google down below:

Stadia Games and Entertainment’s studio will produce exclusive, original content across a diverse portfolio of games in all your favorite genres. Stadia is designed to be one destination for all the ways people play games—and Montréal is where we’re going to start building them.

Just as Stadia intends to change the way games are accessed and experienced by players, we want to change the way games are made. That starts with our culture. Stadia is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace; these diverse perspectives will shape the games we create together. We’re committed to building an environment that will empower the developers who work at Stadia to create new, unique gaming experiences.

Google Stadia is set to release next month on November 15th. Are you excited to try out Google’s take on the gaming industry? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Google