7 More Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass

In this generation of video game consoles, we’ve seen more players opt to purchase game services rather than physical or even digital releases. With the likes of PlayStation Now and the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, there are a few means of enjoying video game titles by paying a monthly fee. Both services consistently add new video game titles into their service, though we do know that the Xbox Game Pass will feature a whopping seven new games soon.

Announced through a tweet by the official Xbox Games Pass Twitter account, it was unveiled that seven new titles are coming soon. In this mix, you’ll find both new releases, The Outer Worlds and Afterparty. This will prove to bring in some exciting content this month for players if they have yet to take on the subscription service.

Xbox Games Pass Upcoming Titles

  • The Outer Worlds
  • Minit
  • Afterparty
  • Lonely Mountains Downhill
  • Secret Neighbor
  • Subnautica
  • Lego Star Wars III

For those who may be unaware, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is a subscription Netflix style service. Players will pay a monthly fee in order to download and enjoy these video game titles. While it was originally an Xbox One only subscription service, players can enjoy Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass on the PC platform as well. For just $9.99, players will receive plenty of content to enjoy and know that there are always more video game titles being added to the service.

Source: Twitter