Players Can Recruit Up To 20 NPCs Any Given Time On Watch Dogs Legion

During E3 2019 we got a surprise reveal of the third installment to the Watch Dogs franchise. Ubisoft took to their press conference stage and alerted fans around the world of what’s to come with the next Watch Dogs installment and that we would see one major change up. Previously going through the first two installments of the game series, players were controlling a single protagonist character Now, the main protagonist is Dedsec as a whole which means you’ll be going through a rotating cast of characters.

It’s all about building up a resistance to the regime and Dedsec needs bodies. You’ll be seeking out NPCs with various skills that could be useful and from there you need to recruit them. Afterward, you can take control of the character to progress through the campaign. As a result, some NPCs will have more useful skills than others which means you’ll constantly swap around with different characters rather consistently.

Each character is said to be unique and likewise, once they are killed they are gone forever. You won’t get a game over screen when a player character dies but instead you’ll swap to another member you’ve recruited. It’s quite the ambitious game mechanic and one we can’t wait to try out. However, until now, we’ve been wondering just how many characters you’re able to recruit.

Speaking with Segment Next, game director Kent Hudson revealed that at any given time players can recruit up to twenty different characters. This should give you plenty of options to run with each character offering a unique skill set. Currently, Watch Dogs Legion will be releasing on March 6, 2020, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia platforms.

Source: Segment Next