A 3D Sonic Fan Game Demo Launches Online

Sonic has been an iconic video game franchise for years and more recently it had a big resurgence. Thanks to Sega looking out for fans who were well versed with Sonic fan games, we got an incredible old school Sonic title called Sonic Mania. This was a game where players could take on another 2D side-scrolling Sonic title that looked as if it came directly from the Sega Genesis.

Sega has been pretty great when it comes to fan games for the Sonic IP and a new installment coming soon has plenty of fans eager to try out. The video game is called Sonic: Project Hero which is a 3D Sonic game. Now nothing is available in terms of levels but there is a free demo that offers an open-world style playground. Players can freely explore and race through different obstacles while attacking enemies. 

It would be doubtful if this game gets killed by Sega but there’s always the chance. For now, we’re eager to see just what the story entails and if any other notable features that could provide for a more unique Sonic experience. At the very least, you can check out the demo trailer above if you don’t want to give the demo a download

Source: PC Gamer