Steam Remote Play Together Now In Beta

Valve has no shortage of features being pumped into their Steam digital service. Today the beta has kicked off which would allow players to enjoy couch local gameplay virtually online. If there was ever a game that you couldn’t connect online to play with a friend then this would offer a nice little solution. In a press release that was sent over earlier today, we got word of the beta feature known as Steam Remote Play Together and you can enjoy it right now.

This beta is available for local multiplayer games and you can access it within three steps. We’ll list out the guide which was featured in the press release below.

Step #1 Join Steam Beta then launch any local multiplayer game.

Step #2 Go to the Steam Overlay and select Remote Play Together from your friend’s list.

Step #3 From here you should be able to go through the in-game prompts and start up the video game normally.

Just remember that this is a beta so there could be potential issues with network stability or other bugs. Likewise, you may encounter a game that is not supported yet so you’ll want to keep tabs on the list of available titles right here. Furthermore, you’ll need to join the beta and chances are the friend joining the invitation will likely need to be on the beta as well.

Are you going to try the beta out and if so what video game title are you looking forward to playing that was previously unavailable for online co-op?

Source: Press Release, Valve