Hitman 2 Halloween Event Begins Tomorrow

It’s the Halloween season and with it comes a slew of horror movies and video games. However, you’ll spot some non-horror genre video games also celebrating the season with in-game items. One of the video game titles that will be featuring an event for Halloween is Hitman 2. The event was confirmed to be in the works a good while ago but now details have been released letting you know just what players will encounter starting tomorrow.

Within the Hitman 2 Halloween event, players will be tasked with killing a few targets in a secluded home. This time around our Agent will be wearing a pumpkin head and wielding a knife as eliminates the enemies. From there it appears you’ll have to drag them to a specific location. For those that complete the mission, you’ll be rewarded with two items.

The rewards are a tactical wetsuit along with a bat shuriken. It’s well worth taking the time to complete as the mission event is completely free. Again, this mission kicks off starting on October 22, 2019, tomorrow for the available platforms. It doesn’t state just when this event will come to a close so it’s best to go through it while you can. Otherwise, you may lose out on the opportunity to unlock the two featured gear pieces.

Source: YouTube