UPDATE: The Outer Worlds Will Be Enhanced On Xbox One X & PlayStation 4 Pro

Update: Original story from previous comments now void.

A spokesperson has reached out to clarify the story reported earlier. It turns out that enhancements will be available outside of Xbox One X.

“The Outer Worlds is enhanced for both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The Outer Worlds includes 4K textures and resolution on Xbox One X and PC, and upsamples to 4K from 1440p on PS4 Pro. The game looks great across all platforms and we’re excited for players to experience The Outer Worlds on October 25th.”

Original Story

The Outer Worlds is the upcoming RPG title from developer Obsidian and news has emerged about the game that has plenty of gamers confused.

The news is centered around the fact that the developers have noted that Xbox One users will receive 4K visuals to help enhance Xbox One X users, however, if you own a PS4 Pro, you will not reap the same benefits. The news comes from Windows Central where they reached out to the publisher of The Outer Worlds.

Windows Central reached out to publisher Private Division and a spokesperson for the company said that the game was “4K on Xbox One, no enhancements for PS4 Pro.” This is a very weird decision made by the developers and publisher, however, it is worthy to note that Obisidian is owned by Microsoft so this could be a little favoritism on the developers part.

Windows Central has sent a followup question to see what exactly they mean, but for now, it seems there will be now enhancements for The Outer Worlds for PS4 Pro users!

The Outer Worlds is set to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25th.

Source: Windows Central