Observer & Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Set For Epic Games Store Next Free Titles


Epic Games Store has received a ton of flack when it launched. Outside of being just another competitive launcher against Valve’s Steam marketplace, it had the funds to really provide some force to reckon with. As a result, the digital marketplace client was able to provide deals with select developers and publishers in order to obtain exclusive rights to various video game titles.

This may have put a good bit of hate towards Epic Games Store but the company is also brought out a nice little incentive to give their client launcher a download. Within the 2019 year, gamers who have registered a free Epic Games Store account were given access to a few different video game titles each week. The best part about this is that once you redeem the game, you were able to keep it forever.

As mentioned, this is a deal going on throughout 2019 so there is plenty of new video game titles being added into the mix and while you can pick up Surviving Mars today, we already know what is coming out next week. This time next week you’ll be given access to Observer and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

In the past, we’ve received Oxenfree, Fez, For Honor, the entire Batman Arkham trilogy among several other video game titles. It’s completely free and well worth investing the time to make a free account in order to secure some video game titles you may want to enjoy at a later date. What do you think of next week’s video game picks?

Source: EGS