Sony Still Working To Deliver Full Backward Compatibility For PlayStation 5

Sony recently made a new PlayStation Blog post alerting fans about the holiday 2020 release of their PlayStation 5. It came with very minimal details about the console as there is plenty of time to fully showcase what the company has planned for the next-generation console. With that said, we now have a launch window available and it looks like your collection of PlayStation 4 video game titles will be playable on the PS5. 

Currently, Sony is working on bringing compatibility to their PlayStation 5 for all PlayStation 4 video game titles. This news comes from Famitsu where Sony stated that the company is working on backward compatibility for the PlayStation 4 library of video games, though it’s uncertain if they will have all of the video game titles readily available before the official launch of the PlayStation 5.

We imagine the big AAA and popular video game titles that came out on the PS4 will likely be available upon release with the hidden gems soon to follow afterward. This, of course, some high hopes from Sony as again, the PlayStation 5 will be launching in the holiday season of 2020. Perhaps we’ll get some further news on what we can expect from the game when it does launch.

While we may not have any details in regards to what PS4 video games will work on the PS5, we do know some new information regarding the new PlayStation 5 controller. Outside of announcing the PlayStation 5 release window, Sony did make mention that the new controller will bring in a new level of immersion with haptic feedback and triggers with resistance

Source: DualShockers, Famitsu