Silent Hill 2 Prototype Version Has Been Uploaded Online

When it comes to survival horror video game titles, there are several classics to rave about. One of those instant classics is Silent Hill 2, a game that has been used as inspiration for other developer works released into the market over the years. Arguably the best installment from the Silent Hill franchise as well, it was quite the feat for new details to still make its way out into the public, but this latest news is something that fans will be diving into for the foreseeable future. A new prototype version of this game has managed to make its way out into the public.

Konami, the IP owner of Silent Hill, has already confirmed that the source code for Silent Hill 2 was lost and that caused a developer to redo plenty of work for the Silent Hill HD Collection. However, a new prototype which is build 0.10 VW047-UI may be the build that was used to help the completion of Silent Hill HD Collection. That is of course speculation going online right now.

At any rate, the Silent Hill 2 prototype build has since been uploaded to The Hidden Palace which is used to help preserve video game development. We’re interested in hearing the news of what was changed from this prototype version compared to the final build used to release. There are likely missing items, dialogue lines and differences with audible sounds. For now, if you’re interested in trying the prototype of the game then you can head to The Hidden Palace.

Source: Bloody Disgusting, Twitter