Rumor: Rockstar Games Worked On Bully 2 Before Scrapping It In 2013

Rockstar Games is one development studio that doesn’t seem to shy away from controversial games. While most may think of the Grand Theft Auto series when the development studio name is dropped, there was another popular IP that never saw a sequel. We’re of course referring to Bully, a game that launched for the PlayStation 2 but has since been rumored that Rockstar Games would be making a new installment. Now new sources for the publication, VGC, claims that Rockstar Games had worked on the title but ultimately decided to scrap it.

Not much has been shared from VGC on the matter, but according to their sources, Bully 2 was at one time a real thing. The development studio was working on Bully 2 for over a year. This was all done in the concept phase so only a small sliver of content was playable. It seems that Rockstar Games was having some trouble with where to take the game as the concept was supposedly featuring the same protagonist, Jimmy, but was spending his time back at home during a holiday break. 

Outside of that shred of news, there doesn’t appear to be any new information about what we could have expected from the sequel. If this project was scrapped back in 2013, then chances are that the story would have greatly altered today if the studio is even humoring a sequel installment. In the meantime, the only thing that Rockstar Games has unveiled recently was that their latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2 was being released on the PC platform starting next month.

Currently, Bully 2 does not exist officially but with all the rumors and speculation pieces going up online then there is a good chance that Rockstar Games may give the series another honest go. Would you like to see a sequel to Bully? Let us know and what you would like to see Rockstar Games do with the franchise next. 

Source: VGC, VG247