Nathan Drake Voice Actor Wants Bryan Cranston In Uncharted Movie

There is a constant barrage of video game movie adaptations released into the market. After several attempts to bring out hits, the essence, and charm that video games provide players are usually not found in the movie counterpart. Still, there are no stopping production crews from attempting to bring out a classic video game movie adaptation. One of the latest is Uncharted, a movie production that has been stuck in development hell for quite some time. 

Over the years we’ve seen several directors, writers and actors take on the Uncharted movie. As you can see, we’re still waiting for the film to release, but the latest iteration has been going strong for a good while now. This upcoming film will play as an origin story for Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter extraordinaire. Taking on the role of a young Nathan Drake is actor, Tom Holland, who you may know best as Spider-Man in the current Marvel movie cinematic universe. 

Speaking with GameByte, Nolan North, the voice actor who portrayed Nathan Drake over the last decade spoke about the film. Nolan North may not have much say at all when it comes to the film but he’s excited over the adaptation and how the film will be taking on a story of a young Nathan Drake. Since we know that Tom Holland will be playing Nathan Drake in the movie, Nolan stated that he would love to see actor Bryan Cranston take on the helm of Nathan Drake’s mentor and partner, Sully.

Right now there is no name attached to the character and its very much likely a character that will be present in the film. Sully has been present in all of the previous video game installments from Naughty Dog so it would be shocking to see the character get removed in the movie adaptation. In fact, the latest news to come out for the movie was the new director change up.

Source: GameByte