More Clues Lead To Next Batman Game Being Court of Owls

There has been some speculation and teases as of late regarding a new Batman video game. After the Arkham game series came to an end, there has been some wondering just when the next big video game featuring a Dark Knight storyline will make its way onto the market. That may soon change soon as a new tease came out from a comic book author who handled the relaunch of Batman during the DC New 52 release where DC Comics rebooted several comic book franchises. For those who may not follow the comic book industry, the author behind the New 52 Batman was Scott Snyder and he came up with a new story arc for Bruce Wayne to deal with.

This new story arc was the Court of Owls, a secret organization that Batman has to fight back against in Gotham city. As mentioned, there has been some rumors and speculation that a new Batman video game is coming with the likes of a famed voice actor chipping on a tease for a potential title that he is attached in some capacity. Recently, we just went through the official Batman day and that came with a tweet from WB Games Montreal to help tease something was in the works, but the official announcement has yet to emerge online.

Even though that the game didn’t make its official unveiling, Scott Snyder replied telling his followers to “Wait for it #bewarethecourtofowls” which indicates that his storyline will be used for the setting of this upcoming title. That tweet has since been removed, but there have been images captured online and that has further circulated rumors online. Since this game has yet to be unveiled, we’re having to wait in anticipation.

Source: Gamerant, Twitter