Valve Steam Ordered To Allow Users To Resell Digital Games

When it comes to used game sells, we’re used to the physical market filled with titles being available through sources like GameStop, Amazon, and eBay. However, there may soon be a way for gamers to resell their used digital video game titles. A new ruling from a French court has now orders Valve to allow the players in their marketplace to resell their digital video game titles which very well could lead other markets to follow suit.

In this ruling from the French court consumers who had purchased a digital game will be able to resell them which was previously not an option on Steam nor really anywhere else consumers purchase digital copies of games from their official account. This actually could sway some from even purchasing the video game digitally if they can’t resell it at a later date.

Another aspect is that gamers who want to pick up a title at a discount may opt for purchasing a used copy, but we’re uncertain just how much a used digital copy value would differ from a standard digital copy. After all, there is no need to worry about the condition of the game when it’s digital but it could play a role but how active an online community is for the game to determine if the game is worth the money.

Likewise, another big aspect is if any profits would be diverted to the publisher, developer or in this case Valve if a user purchases a digital used copy. Do you think this will be a widespread ruling with digital markets soon allowing users to resell their keys or will there be more problems that will get the way of consumers to make it worth it?

Source: Reddit, Gamerant, Numerama