Newcomers Will Soon Flood Anthem After EA Access Release 

To say Anthem from BioWare had a shaky release is quite the understatement. It was hit by a number of issues relatively early on and overall, the game just failed to meet the expectations that players had put into the game. Despite the shortcomings that players found with the game, BioWare and EA had both stated that more work and content would be put into the game. However, it may have some wondering just how well the game is doing if the title was put into EA Access in just under a year after its release. 

From being one of the more anticipated video game titles releasing into 2019 to being a title that is being refunded from an entire platform, Anthem had a ton of issues to fix. While the developers are putting in the work to shape it up nicely, sometimes the damage done is too great in order to sway players back into the game for a second chance. As a result, this could be a motive to put the title out on both EA Access and subscribers to Origin Access. This would give a new pool of players a chance to try the game out again today without any limitations, other than being a standard edition of the title. 

Likewise, this may sway some of the past players to try the game out once again with the potential of newcomers brought into the IP. After all, there’s been a few updates brought into Anthem that adds new content and activity. 

It’s only speculation on our part, but this could certainly bring a resurgence to Anthem. If you’re not a subscriber to either of the services mentioned, then you can still enjoy the game today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. For now, you can check out our Before You Buy episode of Anthem above along with a game gallery below.

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Source: Polygon