Sony Supposedly Refunding Anthem PS4 Digital Orders Due To Game Crashes

Anthem was one of the biggest anticipated video game releases coming to 2019. However, there has been a bit of mixed reception with the title across both critics and fans. These games as a service type releases tend to have issues at launch and it often leaves developers to tweak a few things along with the additional content updates. While Anthem has been dealing with a rocky launch, a new rumor is coming out that Sony is offering gamers refunds to those who may have bought a digital copy.

Refunds for digital copies are tricky with Sony, as noted by, however, there may have been enough reason to warrant the refunds for Anthem. BioWare’s latest release not only comes with some criticisms but it also includes a number of user-reported crashes. Apparently, these games can potentially crash consoles on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unlike some crashes where merely the game will close or freeze up, this crash will actually completely shut down the console. Because these consoles are not being shut down properly, there is a potential of ruining a system unit.

Obviously, Sony and Microsoft would like to avoid this issue and it’s coming out through users posts on Reddit that Sony will refund the digital copy fully. This could be good news for gamers and bad news for BioWare. While we don’t have any official reports or statements yet, it looks like simply contact support from Sony will be enough to get the refund.

We had some positive and negative views on the game which we covered in our Before You Buy episode. If you’re interested in hearing our thoughts on the game then take a look at our upload video which we have posted right above. Likewise, take a look at the source below to see the full Reddit thread regarding the supposed refunds being offered.


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