Get Into The Halloween Spirit With New In-Game Street Fighter V Costumes 

Street Fighter V may have launched back in 2016 but Capcom is still bringing out new updates and content for players to enjoy. The latest will be themed around the Halloween season which will start on September 17, 2019. In a recent tweet from the official Street Fighter Twitter account, it was unveiled that there will be two new costumes for players to purchase along with a brand new stage. If you’re still enjoying the game and looking to feature some new threads for the likes of E. Honda and Poison, then take a look at what Capcom is delivering later in the month.

Capcom has two new character costumes in the works, though we don’t know if more will be coming later on. Right now, it looks like for $3.99, you can purchase a costume for E. Honda or Poison. While Poison has a rather generic punk vibe going on, the developers decided to give E. Honda a design that is featured from Japanese folklore known as Kappa. $3.99 is currently what these costumes are set for which may feel a bit steep for some gamers, but if you rather save your money and keep the characters in their normal attire, you may find an interest in a new stage.

A new Union Graveyard stage will be available for players to battle on and that will only set you back $1.99. You can get a quick look at the content that will be available for purchase on September 17, 2019, within the tweet post embedded above. Likewise, if you’re unsure if Street Fighter V is worth the purchase then check out our Before You Buy episode coverage above. Currently, Street Fighter V is available for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. 

Source: Twitter