Yuzu Releases New Build For Nintendo Switch Emulator

The Nintendo Switch released with a bit of a struggle as hackers were able to easily get into the system leaving it open for the possibility of adding games and emulators to the system. However, this also meant that those skilled enough could start emulating the Nintendo Switch hardware. Finding emulators for older systems is rather easy and there’s plenty of work going into the last generation console emulation right now. However, it’s a bit rare to find emulators being tossed out with a console still in its early years of the marketplace. Unfortunately for Nintendo, they had to deal with this for the Nintendo Wii U and now their Nintendo Switch platform.

If you’re not already aware, a development group known as Yuzu Team is crafting up an emulator program to enjoy the Nintendo Switch on the PC platform. This, of course, comes with a number of glitches and crashes, but the group is pushing forward in hopes of improving on their work.

In fact, they just released a new build through their Patreon account that not only improves on already established features but also adds even more options to the build. For instance, gamers will find that there is a new resolution scaler option to make the game a bit more defined than its native resolution. There are also new fixes for certain visual glitches that you may have encountered with certain video game titles. However, this build is only available to users that donate to their Patron page.

We’re unsure if this build will be releasing outside of the Patreon community at the moment, but we at least know that the group is still striving to deliver a solid emulator for the masses. In the meantime, if you want to try the emulator out, you’ll have to take part in their Patreon which you can view right here.

Source: Dsogaming, Yuzu