Pokemon X and Y: Spooky Pokemon X Cutscene

Our previous Pokemon X and Y source, who is now going by the codename Moonsy, has given us the lowdown on a spooky, unexplained story bit for Pokemon X. Moonsy was the same player who finished the game in 21 hours, and this story is corroborated by other sources online. It is not a glitch, no one in Nintendo has come forward to explain it, and no player has thus far figured out what it all means. No one has also yet to confirm if this is also in Pokemon Y.

There is a random building in Luminose City with a dojo on the 3rd floor. When you take the elevator and drop off at the 2nd floor, a weird, uninterruptible cutscene happens. The lights will flicker in that room, and a girl, with a passing resemblance to Hex Maniac, will suddenly appear behind you.  She will briefly mutter “… you are not the one…” and float downward until she goes out of view. When you can move again, you will see nothing different or special about that room. It is completely empty, and you will no longer find the girl there, nor anyone, for that matter.

If you go to Hotel Richissime, to the 4th floor, and to the 1st room on the right, she will be there as well. When you try talking to her here, she will say, "Don't talk to me…. if you do, I can't hear the elevator…"

Fans are already speculating that this is the same ghost lady on Marvelous Bridge in the Pokemon Black and White games. Others are already saying its way scarier than the haunted house portions of the main game. Moonsy also shared a video they found showing the first incident, which we’re embedding below. 

What do you guys think this could possibly be?