Pokemon X and Y: Get The Details On the Lumiose City Save Glitch

Fans are complaining of a game breaking bug in Pokemon X and Y, involving saving the game in Lumiose City. Please read the following  carefully, as we’ve taken care to get details as best as possible, as well as possible fixes.

The glitch gets activated when you try saving while you’re outside the Lumiose City streets. It gets activated when you do so and a taxi passes by. When you reset and try to reenter the game, the game freezes. You will be stuck at that last screen, unable to move in the street, while the Lumiose City music keeps playing.

First things first, this does not happen to everyone. Some have reported not having issues with these particular circumstances at all. Second off, some say this issue does not come up when you save in Lumiose City while you are inside a building. Some others point out even the streets are safe, as long as there happen to be no taxis passing by when you do the save.

If you did save the game, and then placed your 3DS in sleep mode instead of restarting it, you won’t encounter the glitch at all. Of course, fans who made it a habit of saving in Pokemon Centers never ran into it either. If you found you put yourself into this precarious position without thinking, watch if the game freezes before you exit it. If you don’t see it happen, your save should be OK.

People who bought the game in a separate cartridge know that it makes a separate save file on the SD card. If you just want to get the game running, you can remove the SD card and boot your game normally, effectively eliminating your save. Alternately, you can delete the said save file or just use a new SD card.

Nintendo has yet to officially comment on the glitch, but as some fans have observed the game manual states they can send automatic updates online. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the next 3DS system update.

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