Blizzard Gives Away Free Battle For Azeroth Copies For Players Already Capping In WoW Classic

World of Warcraft has been a massive hit for the MMORPG genre. Gamers worldwide quickly get lost into the massive world filled with lore, alliances, stories and new friends. It’s brought out some incredible experiences and newsworthy moments. However, as time went on and new features along with updates were launched into the market, more fans started to chime in about going back and playing the original World of Warcraft video game that came out back in 2004. After years of requests, Blizzard finally delivered with World of Warcraft Classic launched last month, giving fans a chance to relive the vanilla World of Warcraft experience. 

Now that the video game has been out for a few days, it’s surprising to learn that some fans have already hit the level cap of just 60. This is quite the milestone for players and even Blizzard as it shows just how committed fans are to the Classic edition of their MMORPG. Now to reward fans of the accomplishment, it seems that Blizzard is going to offer a free copy of Battle for Azeroth which is an expansion to World of Warcraft. This may not be ideal for those who are looking to stay and enjoy the classic version of the game a little while longer, but those who are just getting into the game and have yet to experience the latest version with updates may finally get a nice little incentive. 

It’s also pretty clear that there are plenty of fans interested in World of Warcraft with the classic edition offering queues to get into the servers. We even reported on the virtual lines that players started to form in order to get access to a mob in order to get specific in-game items, which is quite spectacular if you ask us. To see how quick gamers were able to form order to avoid chaos virtually is certainly quite a feat. 

Source: Gamesradar, WoWHead