Players In World of Warcraft Classic Actually Create Their Own Virtual Lines

It never ceases to amaze me just how the video game community continues to pull together at times. When it comes to online gaming, you often hear about the toxicity some players send out which we’ve all been there before. From a lobby full of squeakers to just salty players, playing online with random gamers around the world may not always be a delight. However, we knew that there was going to be some filled servers once World of Warcraft Classic launched so chances were pretty high that some areas of the in-game world would be difficult to go through without a mass of usernames and characters roaming about.

What we’re actually seeing is some order to the chaos and it’s all done by the awesome community of World of Warcraft Classic players. Now, World of Warcraft Classic is mainly made up of fans who enjoyed the MMORPG years ago so these are veteran players. As a result, players likely already had some area charted out well in advance. Some areas are so flooded that players created in-game virtual lines to defeat an enemy.

It’s so popular that the lines were created on multiple servers and while this is very cool to see, we’re likely not going to see this last very long as reports of these lines came out just hours after the launch of the game. Regardless, it shows just how a community of gamers can easily establish virtual order. In case you didn’t already see these lines in-game, you can check out some images from Twitter below.

Source: Twitter, GameSpot