Capcom Teases Next Resident Evil Game Project Resistance

It’s an exciting shred of news if you’re a fan of the Capcom Resident Evil franchise. We’ve seen reports of Capcom seeking out testers from their ambassador program that deals with the Resident Evil series and now it looks like we will get our first real piece of news about this upcoming title soon. Keep an eye out during the Tokyo Game Show this year as Capcom will unveil their current project which is simply known right now as Project Resistance.

Right now, all we have is a teaser website that showcases Project Resistance and a statement that a trailer will come out during the Tokyo Game Show. We’re not sure how long afterward we will have to wait before an English translated or dubbed version will come afterward, but we should have an understanding of what this next game will be about. At the moment we’ve seen countless speculation threads suggesting what Capcom may be working on. For instance, the biggest suggestions are the next mainline installment, Resident Evil 8 and a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

However, this could be a brand new spin-off to the series or a new installment to an already established series. Its been stated before but the resistance in the title may go back and reference the Outbreak series. This was a PlayStation 2 era series that followed normal citizens that got caught up in the infection spreading in Raccoon City. With no way out contacting for help, a group bands together and attempts to make their way towards escape. Again, this is just speculation, but the possibilities of what this next Resident Evil game may be out is endless.

Source: Polygon