Dan Trachtenberg Drops Out Of Uncharted Movie

While there have been several attempts at making a cinematic film based on a video game franchise, few ever capture the essence that made the video games popular. It’s a difficult task to do as video game titles take several hours to unfold the story and some of the fine details of a narrative is dropped to reach the intended run time of a film. However, there is some promise in an Uncharted film actually taking off and doing well. The video game titles from the series are typically viewed as a cinematic experience and they’ve all done well in terms of the narrative.

As a result, there was a push to get an Uncharted film out into the market with the help of Sony PlayStation Productions, a new development that was revealed last year. With Sony working at this film production, it recently hit a bump and that’s with the director, Dan Trachtenberg. The director, who previously worked on 10 Cloverfield Lane, and most recently the premiere episode of The Boys, was once attached to the Uncharted film. Now according to a report made by Deadline, the director has stepped away from the project and its left Sony scrabbling to find a new director.

No comments have been made just yet so we’re not sure who is in the running to be the next director and why Dan Trachtenberg decided to leave the big production. Regardless, the film will still see Tom Holland take on the role of a young Nathan Drake, but just when this film will make it out into the market and who all steps up to handle the production remains to be seen.

Source: Deadline