The Uncharted Movie Will Not Adapt The Video Games

When it comes to video game adapted films, very few of them capture the essence of what made the narrative or game special. It’s difficult really to adapt anything into a different medium, but there are always IPs up to bat with directors hoping that their vision of the story can captivate an audience that mixes both fans of the original game series and newcomers to the franchise itself. One of those hopeful directors is Dan Trachtenberg who is delivering the Uncharted movie towards the end of next year. However, if you’re planning on a direct adaptation of any of the video game titles for this film then you will be out of luck.

Instead, with this upcoming movie adaptation, Dan Trachtenberg has confirmed that the narrative will be unique and not taken from the video games. Instead of showing off a grown Nathan Drake going about on grand adventures, taking out supernatural enemies and finding hidden treasure, this story will follow a younger Nathan Drake, one who is likely still honing in on his skills. According to the director, who spoke to GamesRadar, it’s not worth making a video game adaptation which would only provide viewers with a lesser experience.

We don’t know the fine details yet about the film but we do know that the leading star will be Tom Holland, the actor who has taken on the mantle of Marvel’s Spider-Man. For now, we’re stuck waiting on the premise and how this story will fit in the timeline as we’ve seen a flashback or two of a young Nathan Drake from the video game series. With that said, the Uncharted movie is slated to release within December of 2020.

Source: GamesRadar, VG247