Bloober Team May Have Another Film Franchise Video Game Adaptation In The Works

Bloober Team is currently focused on putting out their latest video game title, Blair Witch, an adaptation from a film franchise of the same name. While the game is nearing its release later this month, it does appear that the studio may have plans on another video game adaptation from Lionsgate. While nothing is official, a new statement has been released suggesting that a partnership for the future likely.

Bloober Team, as of late, is known for some of the more horror-themed video game titles. This includes Layers of Fear, Observer, and now the upcoming Blair Witch. It seems that the partnership between the development studio and Lionsgate was pretty positive as a developer spoke with VG24/7. During the conversation, it seems that the development studio may see another partnership for an upcoming video game adaptation, but it was not stated just what game would be coming out next.

While Bloober Team is known at the moment for horror games, there’s always the possibility of going a route that is not necessarily horror. For instance, some of the highest-grossing films from Lionsgate are not horror such as The Hunger Games and Twilight. Only time will tell if Lionsgate opts to use Bloober Team in the future with one of their IPs. It’s also likely reliant on how well Blair Witch does within the market.

Source: VG247