THQ Nordic Is Bringing Back Comanche

You may or may not recall Comanche, it’s an older DOS video game that put players into the pilot seat of a Comanche attack helicopter. While the game is a bit old and certainly dated today, it was popular enough to warrant several sequels such as Comanche 4 that was released on the PC platform back in 2001. While it could have been assumed that the series would remain dormant, THQ Nordic revealed to the world during Gamescom 2019’s livestream that a remake is being developed.

Details are very scarce but according to the livestream presentation, the game was pitched in a way that could work in modern gaming today which THQ Nordic loved the idea and pressed forward with it. While we’re still waiting for the finer details, it was revealed that this is a multiplayer-focused game with team missions and objectives. Players will still control the classic Comanche style helicopters, but you’ll be working with others during online missions.

As mentioned, we’re still relatively early into the video game in terms of announcements as it was just revealed. However, it does look like the game would be releasing sometime next year at least in an early access state. Until it reaches early access, we likely won’t know when it will fully be ready for a launch into the market.

Source: Game Informer