Epic Games Store Now Offering Hyper Light Drifter & Mutant Year Zero For Free

The Epic Games Store has received plenty of hate from the online gaming community. It’s a big competitor against Valve’s Steam platform though it does not offer as many bells and whistles. That’s to be expected as it’s still new into the market and Epic Games is continuing to make updates adding more features into the marketplace platform. With that said, Epic Games is trying to give players some incentive in downloading their marketplace platform storefront and using it. Outside of grabbing up as many exclusive titles to the PC platform as possible, the company is also offering users free video game titles weekly.

If you’re tight on cash and want something new to play each week then having the Epic Games Store downloaded is well worth it. It’s tough going out and buying all the big new releases, but with Epic Games Store, you’re going to get at least one free PC game title each week. Some weeks there have been two free video game titles added into the mix. All you have to do is make a free account and simply redeem the games as they are released each week. Once you have them redeemed, the video game titles are yours to keep.

There are some decent video game titles released each week as well. For instance, in the past we’ve received video games like Alan Wake, For Honor, Oxenfree, Enter The Gungeon, Rime, and Thimbleweed Park. There’s a nice diversified list of games released giving something for just about everyone. This week we have two new video game titles that you can redeem which is Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Hero Year Zero: Road To Eden. Next week the free video game title is revealed to be Fez so if you’re looking to get something new to enjoy then we suggest redeeming these two titles before August 22, 2019.

Source: Epic Games Store