Sony’s PS4 Team Makes Disabled Fan’s Day

sony playstation 4

A gamer expressed happiness at Sony's support for the disabled playerbase in a posting on Facebook today. According to the gamer, who goes by RandomHypnotica on Reddit, the gamer and his or her three friends were in wheelchairs when they went to the EBGames Expo which took place over the weekend in Australia. 

Itching to test out the new hardware and get their hands on the new PlayStation 4, the gamers made their way over to the Sony booth, where they were then informed that due to an oversight on Sony's part, the PS4 units were all upstairs, without wheelchair access. 

To counter their dismay, the Sony representative saids omething along the lines of "We are extremely sorry, it should have never happened but because it is totally our fault, and we always support our disabled player base, we would like to offer something along with our sincerest apology" and handed all four gamers a vouchertook their contact information with a promise for free PlayStation 4 units on release day. 

The gamers then made their way over to the Microsoft/Xbox One area of the convention and were simply told, "Sorry, it's upstairs, you can't try it" and sent off without even a simple apology. 

Needless to say, Sony's on the ball when it comes to customer service and their support for disabled gamers is unparalleled. Kudos to RandomHypnotica for sharing the tale. 

Update: For those who've expressed their doubts about the story, here's EBExpo's official page on the inaccessibility of the second floor via wheelchair.

Is the Sydney Showground and the EB EXPO wheel chair accessible?
-The SSG is a fully wheel chair accessible venue with lifts servicing both the car park and the first floor.
-Some small aspects of the EB EXPO inside the exhibition halls will not be wheel chair accessible.
-Some Vendor partners have expressed interest in expanding their exhibition spaces into a second story. The second story of these spaces will only be accessible via stairs and thus are not accessible by a wheel chair.
-Wheel Chair seating has been accommodated for inside EB Arena offering a full uninterrupted view of both the stage and the screens.