This Mod Shows What Skyrim 2 Might Look Like

bijin warmaidens skyrim 2

Of the many NPCs in the The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim one of the most familiar to the majority of players is the companion Lydia. That's her above. No; really, it is.

It's not the Lydia we saw in the default vanilla Skyrim of course (that version you can see here in case you've forgotten), but it is the housecarl players with the Bijin Warmaidens mod will see once it's installed.

As the name of the mod suggests, it enhances the appearance the game's warrior women; Lydia, Jordis, Iona, Aela, Mjoll, Uthgerd, Ria, Frea and Rayya.

You can watch a video of the mod in action below but keep in mind that Bijin Warmaidens only affects those characters mentioned above; everyone and everything else will remain the same. 

The Bijin Warmaidens mod can be downloaded directly from the Skyrim Nexus and is a standalone pack meaning it will work without other mods. 

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