Introducing Poke Jobs From Pokemon Sword & Shield

Within Pokemon Sword & Shield there are a few new elements for fans of the franchise. Not only do you get a new area to explore and Pokemon to catch, but there are also bound to be a few new features. One of those new features was unveiled to be Poke Jobs. This is something unique for the series as it gives players the ability to send out their Pokemon to complete various quests and tasks. In return, the Pokemon would be given experience points and potential loot.

Poke Jobs will be available for a variety of Pokemon and only certain Pokemon may be suitable for a particular job. This could be anything from offering security to helping on a farm. To access the job listings players will have to head to a Pokemon Center and view what is available. From there they can send out anywhere from a single Pokemon to multiple characters to a job site.

Depending on how long the job is to complete may determine how much your Pokemon will gain experience and there’s always the potential for a Pokemon to bring back a rare item or two as a reward. Again this may be a new technique used to level up certain Pokemon or make use of farming for a particular item.

For those of you who are interested in picking up a copy of the game will still have a few months to wait. Currently, Pokemon Sword & Shield is slated to release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

Source: VG247