Could We See Resurgence Of Banned Twitch Streamers Flock Mixer?

Twitch, for quite a long time now, has been the go-to source for those interested in viewing gaming themed livestreams. You could either host your own stream and build a community up or simply sit back and enjoy a stream of your favorite game. However, the news as of late has started to switch away from Twitch and to a competitor, Mixer. Mixer has been around for a few years now which was first started as a service called Beam. Since then Microsoft has purchased the service and renamed in Mixer in 2017. Regardless of the push from Microsoft, it seemed like Mixer was just another subpar streaming service in comparison to the number of views that Twitch received. That changed instantly after the partnership between the Mixer service and popular streamer Ninja.

Everyone knows of Ninja, a professional gamer that is watched by tens of thousands worldwide. Known for his gameplay of Fortnite, the streamer brought in plenty of viewers to Twitch, but in a surprise announcement, Ninja unveiled that he would be making the jump to Mixer exclusively. This deal between himself and Microsoft must have been rather substantial, but it does look like by Mixer acquiring Ninja, we are starting to see more streamers make the jump to the service.

In fact, it’s been spotted that co-founder of Mixer, Matt Salsamendi, tweeted out in a reply to Ice Poseidon, a YouTuber and online personality that was previously banned from Twitch. The reply was regarding to Ice Poseidon stating that he would be interested in giving Mixer a try for more gaming-themed streamers.

As a result of this new movement from Ninja jumping to Mixer, we could see plenty of past streamers give another go at playing some video games for a live online audience. Time will only tell if this new interest from Mixer proves to really compete against Twitch.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant