Ready At Dawn Shows Off Their New Home

Ready At Dawn is a private development studio and that gives them a bit more freedom to work on several projects and IPs. Originally formed in 2003, the studio has been around mainly on the Sony line of platforms with the launch of Daxter, God of War PlayStation Portable titles, to The Order: 1886. However, since 2017, the studio has been mainly focused on the Oculus Rift platform with launches including Lone Echo, Echo Combat, Echo Arena, and the upcoming Lone Echo II installment. Now that the studio has recently moved locations and decided to showcase the new home on Twitter.

Through Ru Weerasuriya, the CCO of the studio company, we got a few photos of the new studio. We only got a few images but it does feature plenty of memorabilia of the past video game titles the studio has worked on. Unfortunately, Ru didn’t offer any new details about what the studio has in the works that have yet to be announced, but one of the latest rumors that have been going around is a sequel to The Order: 1886.

While The Order: 1886 didn’t release to a ton of great reviews and fan feedback, there was still a following. A recent report started to circulate that a sequel was in the works until the source, a writer from a different studio, chimed in and stated that the sequel was not confirmed. Ru even went on Twitter recently to thank fans who show love towards the video game IP and states that he cannot wait until gamers get to see what’s next from the studio.

Source: Twitter, PlayStation LifeStyle