Writer Backtracks On The Order: 1886 Sequel Announcement

The Order: 1886 was a Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive that released back in 2015 by development studio Ready at Dawn. This single-player action-adventure title was relatively short and didn’t get the highest praise from critics and fans. As a result, it was uncertain if this development studio was going to give the IP another go with a sequel. While those that enjoyed the game had hoped a new installment was in the works, nothing has been confirmed, but we did get a new bump of interest after a podcast interview.

A writer for Sucker Punch, Jordan Mychal Lemos, was recently featured on a podcast known as the Gamerheads Podcast. It was during this show that the writer stated everyone should go out and play The Order: 1886 as he heard that the game was going to receive a sequel. Being a person within the industry and likely connections to projects not revealed, the comments were quickly spread around online leaving fans that enjoyed the first installment rejoicing for its sequel.

Well, that looks like the sequel is not actually in the works. This came after Jordan Mychal Lemos took to Twitter and alerted that he doesn’t know anything and that he was referring to past articles online about a sequel in the works. Whether this is a means to keep the project under wraps for the studio or simply misinformation reveal from the writer is uncertain. At any rate, if this game was in the works, it would likely be saved for a reveal during an event by Sony.

Source: Twitter, PlayStation LifeStyle