Marvel’s Iron Man VR Behind the Scenes Trailer Released, Showcases New Gameplay and More

Ryan Payton Director at Camouflaj took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss a little more about their upcoming title, Iron Man VR.

Announced earlier this year, Marvel and Sony will be bringing you the experience of a lifetime and will finally allow you become Iron man through the power of the PSVR. Not many details have been given when originally announced, however, Payton has returned and with some great news!

Not only do we get a new trailer showcasing some gameplay, but we also get a behind the scenes look at the development team Camouflaj and how they’re attacking Iron Man VR.

Check out the latest Marvel’s Iron Man Vr behind the scenes trailer down below:

Check out some of the highlighted features for the game down below:

Physics-based Flight

The key reason it feels so good and natural to fly as Iron Man in our game is because we obey Newton’s laws of motion. We doubled down on how it would work in real life, which, it turns out, your brain really appreciates. Every frame we process includes calculations of up to a dozen forces, such as thrust, drag, and gravity — as well as our assistance systems — that output Iron Man’s accurate and believable trajectory through the sky.

Momentum Conservation

Whenever possible, we preserve the player’s forward momentum. These systems allow the player to carve turns at high speed and enable our dogfight mechanics.


Inspired by those balloon-like “bumpers” at bowling alleys, we built an invisible system that cushions and guides the player around hard edges of buildings and other geometry. The bumpers also soften the blow when the player rams into something at high speeds. Under the hood, we account for potential upcoming collisions and gently apply collision-avoidance forces.

Contextual Suit Settings

It turns out, the player doesn’t want to accelerate from zero to 300 kilometers per hour when they are trying to delicately fly around more confined spaces. Wherever more precise flight speed is needed, we apply different suit settings based on context. This allows the player to utilize their thrusters for both small-scale maneuvers as well as unlocking full-blown, face-melting thrust when they need it.

To wrap up the post they released a timelapse sketch of the new Iron Man Impulse Armor that will be featured in the game! Check it out down below!

Iron Man VR is still without a release date and window, so we will have to patiently wait as the team at Camouflaj work tirelessly at bringing Iron Man VR to life! Are you excited to finally step into the Iron Man suit? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog