Mortal Kombat Movie Will Be Rated R And Expect Plenty Of Gore

We’ve seen countless attempts in bringing a movie adaptation from a variety of video game titles. Some are arguably better than others but most find that these adaptations are rather poor in terms of creating the lore and vibe that made the video game titles beloved by fans all over the world. It’s hard creating a movie based on a video game that is several hours long and it’s even tougher to do something that would be both complementary to the origin story while keeping things fresh and unique. This usually comes with changes that fans may not necessarily agree on, for instance, you probably still recall the original Sonic character design that caused the movie production to get pushed back. Regardless, each year we seem to get another attempt at bringing out a new movie adaptation.

One movie adaptation that is hoping to bring in fans of a franchise that’s been around for decades is Mortal Kombat. This game series has had adaptations before, but now a new attempt is in the works and it’s slated to launch in 2021. The film doesn’t have any real details quite yet so we can’t confirm if this is a narrative experience that will follow the original game tournament storyline. However, what we can confirm is that this movie will hold an R rating. According to the screenwriter behind the movie, Greg Russo, who is also working on an untitled Resident Evil reboot, this film will be mature.

Greg Russo took to Twitter in order to reveal that the movie will be mature and will even feature fatalities. We don’t know which ones in particular and I’m sure most will be kept secret for when the film actually comes out onto the big screen. At any rate, it doesn’t look like the movie will be toned down in order to reach a wider audience which is a good thing if you’re wanting a film that tries to be more in line with the source material.

Again, that’s all we know so far about the movie and it’s still pretty far away before it’s reaching its release date of March 5, 2021. Perhaps we’ll get some clues as to who may perform a fatality in this film when casting starts to really unveil what characters are featured in the story. As it stands right now, we only know that Sub-Zero will be present, which will be portrayed by actor Joe Taslim.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant