Latest Persona 5 Royale Trailer Showcases New Outfits, Activities, and Much More


Atlus has been revving up their engine when it comes to Persona 5 Royale as they have been releasing new trailers left and right for the last couple of weeks! They have released yet another trailer for the upcoming re-release game and this will have fans glued to their screens!

Unlike the previous character centered trailers in the past couple of weeks, this new trailer is more of a longform video, running about 10 minutes long. It centers around Mona, in some sort of YouTube style video explaining the new mechanics and gameplay features in P5 Royale. Unless you speak Japanese, the video is hard to follow, but you can get a idea of what’s going on due to the onscreen visuals.

Check out the new trailer for Persona 5 Royale down below:

In related news, Atlus recently released some new character centered trailers which gives a good look at some new dialogue, gameplay mechanics, and a special combo move. Check out the Yusuke and Ann character trailers right here!

The upcoming re-release is set to release in Japan later this year for the PS4 on October 31. However, if you’re a Western gamer, Atlus has detailed that the game will be aiming for a 2020 release instead. Learn more about Persona 5 Royal right here!

Persona 5 is now available for the PlayStation 4. Are you excited about the Royal Edition of Persona 5? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube