Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Doesn’t Believe Company Is Behind In Terms Of Online Services

When it comes to Nintendo, the company has been known for delivering gamers with different innovations and mechanics with each platform release. However, one element that they seem to struggle with is online services. Most platform competitors like Sony and Microsoft are pretty much on par with each other in terms of what they actually offer the end user. However, according to one beloved developer from Nintendo, the company is not falling behind from their competitors.

Currently, Nintendo is pushing its latest console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. With that said, there is plenty of gamers who have not been very fond of how the company has been handling the online component to their platform. For instance, you may find that there is a lack of communication options between players, few media applications to even having to input a string of code to connect with friends. Of course, that could potentially change in the future, famed developer Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t feel that the game company is struggling with the competition in how they handle the online services.

Nintendo recently held a shareholders meeting when one question came up about the view of Nintendo being behind the curb. Instead, the developer insisted that the company is not falling behind with elements like network services or VR. Instead, the developer stated that the company is always working on new services and components but they don’t announce it until they feel its at a point that would appeal to fans worldwide.

Again, we go back to the fact that there are plenty of fans that seem to be unimpressed with how the online service is handled from Nintendo so perhaps the subject being brought up in a shareholders meeting is another indicator for Nintendo to deliver an answer to these complaints sooner than later.

Source: IGN