Valve Announces Steam Machines, Sign Up For The Beta Now

On Monday Valve made its first in a series of three announcements, revealing an upcoming Linux-based operating system known as SteamOS. Meant to create a unified, family-friendly Steam experience to the living room screen, it will allow you to stream and share games and media from your home computer through any SteamOS-based machine.

Confirming earlier speculation, Valve has now unveiled their line of SteamOS-based hardware devices, known as Steam Machines. Available beginning in 2014, these machines will be made by a variety of manufacturers to accommodate a wide array of configurations, prices, and gaming needs. Currently they are also producing and testing a prototype, the beta of which you can sign up for by taking the hardware beta eligibility test over at Steam.

So what will the last Valve announcement be? Perhaps a controller? Or maybe a game? If any of you say "Half-Life 3", I'm going to throw a shoe.