Review Roundup: My Friend Pedro Perfects Awesome Action Gameplay With Smooth Controls and Mechanics

review roundup

Devolver Digital’s latest action platformer has been released and many fans and critics have been loving it so far!

If you have yet to see the cool looking game, make sure to check out some of its gameplay or launch trailers right here! Essentially you play through levels designed for the player to pull off some crazy and whacky kills and to be honest it just looks like a ton of fun. And it looks like Devolver figured out the perfect balance of fun awesome action gameplay with well-designed controls.

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on Devolver Digital’s latest title — My Friend Pedro:

We Got This Covered 90

There’s so much to love about My Friend Pedro that it’s often hard to find something to complain about, so I’ll just end this gushing little review on an extremely high note: Out of all the Nintendo Switch games I’ve played so far this year, I think I’ve found my favorite. I have plenty more banana-related adventures to pursue — and bullets to waste.

IGN 85

Like the John Woo movies that it successfully emulates, My Friend Pedro is all about the action – and that action is excellent. The slow-motion gunplay, fantastical stunts, and score-attack-driven mechanics all work together to create one hell of an adrenaline-filled ride, even if it doesn’t give you much reason to come back to it once that ride is over.

Nintendo Insider 80

One thing’s for sure, My Friend Pedro is another example of how Devolver Digital truly knows where to scout for talent. It’s a great companion piece to the other recent suicide missions of Katana ZERO and Ape Out, the three games almost playing out in similar fashion to Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy. The team at DeadToast Entertainment has certainly created something that wonderfully builds upon the dynamics of Gun-Fu culture. But, there’s a need for extra content to fill out what’s currently on offer, as My Friend Pedro could easily benefit from a much-needed encore with a bag full of boomsticks and a few more bullets to the head.

DualShockers 75

With slick gameplay mechanics and buttery smooth controls, My Friend Pedro will keep you coming back time and time again in the pursuit of that perfect run.

GameSpot 70

It isn’t consistently exhilarating throughout the entire campaign, but My Friend Pedro is worth playing because it’s full of moments where you can jump down a shaft and shoot in two directions in slow motion, or kill an enemy by kicking the skateboard you’re riding into their face.

My Friend Pedro is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Are you excited for Devolver Digital’s new game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metacritic