Gears Tactics Still Being Developed According To Rod Fergusson

If you can recall back in E3 2018 there were three Gears of War titles announced. We got Gears 5, Gears Pop and lastly, Gears Tactics. Now fast forward to E3 2019 and during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, only two of those titles was shown off. Naturally, we assumed the mainline installment of the Gears franchise, Gears 5, would be shown off a bit heavily at some point. However, interestingly enough Gears Pop was the only other title unveiled. We get it, Funko Pop’s is a big market and to capitalize on the marketing, it seemed like a good opportunity to bring the game back up and showcase the title for gamers around the world.

However, some may have assumed that Gears Tactics was hitting some production trouble due to it being absent from E3 2019 and not really even mentioned. That doesn’t seem to be the case as Rod Fergusson explained why the game wasn’t featured during the conference this year and that more information is inbound. Speaking to Kotaku, Rod Fergusson, the series producer of Gears, stated that the goal last year was to show that Microsoft was really putting a lot of faith into the Gears franchise. That’s why we got a look at three different Gears games being worked on.

This year, however, there wasn’t a need to showcase all three and that there wasn’t a need to have all three detailed during the conference. Gears 5 is releasing on September 5, 2019, and Gears Pop will be hitting the mobile marketplace on Android along with iOS this summer. Unfortunately, we don’t know just how far along the development is with Gears Tactics. But according to Rod Fergusson, the game is still in development and more information about the game will come later on.

Source: Kotaku