Hyperkin Gives A Sneak Peak Of Upcoming N64 Clone

E3 is nearly here and still, we’re getting news, previews, rumors, and supposed leaks to give some insight for what’s to come. While Nintendo has certainly moved beyond the Nintendo 64, the system is getting brought back to E3. Well, for the most part, this system is making a return but through the work of Hyperkin, a company that has brought out several peripherals and clone system that offer gamers the ability to enjoy their classic titles but usually with some enhancements. We’re starting to see N64 consoles get the same treatment with Hyperkin being one of the first up to bat and so far, the system looks like it may be worth your hard earned money.

Of course, right now we’re only getting a small sneak peek video this may be a day one buy for kids that grew up during the 1990s. The Nintendo 64 was a big deal with games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, and 007 GoldenEye. While we didn’t get the Nintendo 64 mini treatment that the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System received, this upcoming system may suffice.

It looks like the system will come packed with an HDMI output, a Hyperkin version of the standard N64 controller along with the ability to play game cartridges from any market. If you’re familiar with the Nintendo 64, you know that Nintendo had a piece of plastic that prevented gamers from using a game cart that didn’t release in the same region as the console. This was an easy bypass, but this system looks like it was constructed to allow any cartridge you may have at your disposal.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information in regards to its release date or a price point. However, again as mentioned earlier, this system will be present during E3 and it’s likely going to be fleshed out with some information about the internals powering the device and any other feature that wasn’t displayed within the sneak peek video.

Source: GameSpot