Rocksteady Studios Confirms Their Next Game Won’t Be Unveiled At E3 2019

Rocksteady Studios has been around for quite some time now as a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The video game development studio is best known for one particular franchise which got its start in 2009 and continued on until 2016. We’re of course referring to the Batman Arkham franchise that has been a fan favorite for those who enjoy taking on the role of the cape crusader. However, since Batman: Arkham VR released, it’s been relatively quiet from Rocksteady Studios who is hard at work with their next big video game title.

While we are waiting to hear just what the studio is working on next, we do know that this game won’t be making an appearance during E3 2019. After several guesses and rumors circulated online as to what franchise is handling, the co-founder of the studio, Sefton Hill, spoke up on Twitter to alert their fan base that the development team is staying put in London. According to Sefton they are working hard on their next big project but will be simply watching E3 at home as fans.

Again, this comment made on Twitter doesn’t confirm just what the development studio is working on. Furthermore, there is even more speculation now that we have another possible year to go through if Rocksteady doesn’t unveil any information prior to E3 2020. In fact, there are even rumors going on right now that this game will be a next-generation console release. In the meantime, you can sound off your speculations as to what IP the studio currently have their hands on right now.

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Source: Twitter