Konami Unveils The Contra Anniversary Collection Lineup

Konami was once a name to reckon with as it released a slew of great video games and IPs into the market. Over the years the development studio continued on thriving despite having some rocky releases but it was only until the split between Hideo Kojima and the studio really left a bad omen. Most gamers despised Konami for the exit of Hideo Kojima along with the cancellation of Silent Hills, a video game franchise that laid pretty dormant and poorly received installments upon the departure of Team Silent. Regardless, the company has been bringing out new compilations with the studio recently bringing out a Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

Now the studio is preparing the launch of their latest collection featuring Contra. While some of these franchises haven’t seen a new video game installment, if you’re a fan of the classic titles and want a single download to enjoy them all then you’re in luck. The upcoming Contra collection includes quite a few installments from the series and a future update will add even more. This series was once a popular franchise and a highly regarded side-scroller shooter.

Included Video Games At Launch

  • Contra – Arcade Release
  • Contra – NES Release
  • Super Contra – Arcade Release
  • Super C – NES Release
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars – SNES Release
  • Super Probotector: Alien Rebels – SNES Release
  • Contra: Hard Corps – Genesis Release
  • Probotector – Mega Drive Release
  • Operation C – Game Boy Release

Post Launch Update

As mentioned there are Japan versions of certain games being tossed into the game after launch.

  • Contra – Arcade
  • Super Contra: Alien No Gyakushu
  • Super Contra
  • Contra Spirits
  • Contra: The Hard Corps
  • Contra – Famicom
  • Operation C

The collection is set to launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and lastly the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the video game is only labeled to come out sometime this summer so we don’t have a specific release date to attach on this title just yet.

Source: PC Gamer