Ubisoft Pass Leaks Online Ahead Of E3 2019


Looks like we may have a new service pop up for gamers but news and details are scarce. Really, all we have right now is the name of the potential service. It’s being called Ubisoft Pass and it was discovered by members at the Resetera forum. The Ubisoft Store had made mention of this service and it even had a premium version marked online as well but those pages have since been taken down. Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have on the service right now but its something that could be unveiled during E3 2019.

What we can go off of right now is the speculation online over what Ubisoft Pass could offer. The more popular choice is a streaming service to enjoy video game titles especially since Ubisoft partnered up with Google when they were testing the Stadia platform. If you can recall, Google and Ubisoft were offering gamers a free copy of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey to test a new online streaming service that would remove the need for any specific hardware requirements. Again, this is speculation but perhaps Ubisoft Pass would be in conjunction with Google Stadia and offer gamers a long list of video game titles to enjoy.

Ubisoft has been around for years and they’ve built up a big backlog of IPs so this would potentially give Google Stadia users a nice collection of video games to enjoy. There is also the premium mention which indicates that there may a tier system involved but again there is only speculation online right now of what this could potentially be. In fact, this could just simply be a Ubisoft only service that offers nothing more than a free video game monthly with discount offers similar to how Sony and Microsoft handle their premium services. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if there is an official announcement on the service during E3 this year.

Source: GameSpot, Resetera